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What time is it?

1/ Find the pairs

2/  Listen and find the right time

3/ Listen and put the hands of the clock at the right time

4/  Find the sentences as fast as possible

5 / Listen to the story

Play and learn 12

1 Play the English Golf


2 Play the pirate game

3 Play the memory game

4 Listen to Stevo and Katie

Stevo Katie


5 Listen and learn the words

6 Now listen and find everyone


7 Listen and find the right feeling


8. Play the « spelling » game

9. Play the game

10. Help Pablo read his book.

11. Play « the travelling pronouns » game

12. Play « the human body » game.

The face and the body

Click on the pictures to play the games

1/ Parts of the body. Label the pictures

2/ Parts of the body. Play the game.

3/  Listen and find the right person


Play and learn n°2

1/ Play the golf game

2/ How to introduce yourself …


3/ Listen to the story and fill in the worksheet

4) Challenge : can you crack the code ?

Secret coder

5) Sounds : Play the « river rhyming » game

Bitesize logo

6) Play Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure

Elephant and giraffe in the Savannah

7) Play the hangman game



Test your English

1/ Take this first test.

2/ Take a break now, but you’ll still be learning…

3/ So, was it fun ? Well take the quiz now

4/ Learn how to find information

5/ And now play this game to chill out

Image result for academy island

Play and learn 13


1/ Play the fashion crazy game

2/ Click on the link and choose « clothing

3/ Find the right persons

Play fun games with grammar

4/ Choose level 1 and choose a character

5/ Play the grammar ninja

6/ Play the dactylo game

7/ Write a story.

Play and learn 11


1/ Time travel !

2/ Maths in English

3/ Moments of the day

4/ Bang on time !


5/ Word madness

6/ Learn new words

A. Click on LEARN

B. Click on PLAY

7/ Play Chute shuffle

8/ Make funny faces



Pick and choose

Choose one of the following videos and answer the worksheet

1. Emma Watson introduces the new HeForShe.org

2. Pokémon Go unleashed in the UK

3.What do you love?


Now watch this grammar video and do the online activities

Now play the games to chill out

Talking about your weekend.

Watch the video and do the activities below.

Meeting new people

1/ Play the game. To play, type the following code: 3P1.

2/ Now type 3P3.

You can record yourself here   

3/ Now watch the video and do the activities.



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