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Play and learn March 19th

1. Present simple game. Click on the picture.

2. Take the lesson on simple present. Click on the picture.

3. Look at the school timetable and take the quiz.

4. Train your writing skills. Read about Tom’s day and write about it.

5. Now, time to chill out.

The thingy

Click here and play the game

Gates versus Jobs

Click on the link and play the game

Gates versus jobs

Rival exploits

Celebrities from the past

Click on the picture to choose one of the following celebrities from the past and write down the information on your piece of paper.

Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe

Steve Jobs

William Shakespeare

Tupac Shakur

Martin Luther King Jr.

Alexander Graham Bell

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Robin Williams

David Bowie




Famous American magazines

Listen and fill in the paper.

Online activities



Click on the picture and do the exercise.

What is the opposite? Play the game

Now play the game

Play this other game

Now listen to the conversation and take the quiz

Listen to the story and answer the questions

Click on the links and do the activities

Exciting new sports

Choose the right equipment





Jeopardy Comparatives and sports

My Jeopardy Template



Rédiger un compte-rendu de sortie pédagogique

Voici le document nécessaire à la séance.

Cluny séance articles

Bon travail !


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