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Dream jobs

Listen to Jack and Ben and complete the worksheet.

Neil The firefighter

Listen to Neil and complete the grid.

Mission US: City of immigrants

Click on the picture to play the game

Image result for mission us city of immigrants

Life Swap

Watch the video and complete the grid.

Download the video here –> U1_1_video

Three trailers

Watch these three trailers and analyse them. Complete the worksheet.

Trailer #1


Trailer #2

Trailer #3


Horrible Histories – She sat on a bus

A brief history of the USA

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

« Wonder » trailer

The Boss Baby trailer

Watch the trailer and read the script

Read the script

Now download the file, open Movie Maker and edit the video so that you create a horror movie trailer.

Download the file here: The boss baby 

The meening of beep

Guess the missing words using the context

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