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Mme Tussaud's museum – a webquest

 You are going to learn more about a famous London place or monument. Click on the blue links to answer the questions.

You will find information about:



Madame Tussaud’s is

q the name of the Queen’s maid*.   q a wax  museum.     q the name of the King’s wife.

She was born in …      q London.                 q Paris.          q Strasbourg.

She was born in…      q 1761.                      q 1671.          q 1567.

It is located at (give the exact address) _______________________________________________________

The Tube / Underground station to go there is__________________________________________________

Hans_Holbein,_the_Younger,_Around_1497-1543_-_Portrait_of_Henry_VIII_of_England_-_Google_Art_Project (1)

Who is this famous king you can see in Madame Tussaud’s ? ________________________________

When was he born? In _______________   When did he die? In __________________

Give his dates of reign: _______________________________________________

How many wives did he have?         6            7            8


Name them in their order of marriage: ____________________________ / __________________________________

__________________________________________________/     __________________________________________

_________________________________________________/    __________________________________________

What happened to wife n° 2 and wife n° 5 ? ___________________________________________________________

In which famous London monument did this horrible event* happen*? _____________________________________

Who succeeded to this King? __________________________________________________________________

He was the King’s                cousin                son                   brother



Who is this famous person you can see in Madame Tussaud’s? _______________________________

In which famous British rock group did he sing? _________________________________________

Where did the group come from?      Brighton           Liverpool      Manchester


Name  the other members of the group: ________________________________________________


What happened to the group in 1970?         q They split up*         q They became a reggae group.

What happened to the man on the photo in 1980? _____________________________________________________

Name a famous song composed by this person: ______________________________________________________



A maid : une femme de chambre        An event : un événement

(to) happen : arriver, se produire                  (to) split up : se séparer


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