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"Recycle city" webquest

Click on the picture to start the webquest

Here’s the webquest.


Recycle city is divided into 4 parts (northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest).

All the parts of the city are clickable!

You’ll need to explore the city to complete this quest.

1. How each of these items can be reused, instead of throwing them away

Cardboard box:__________________________________

Plastic milk cartoon:___________________________________

Glass jar :_____________________________________________


2. Where can you get information on what to do with leftover cleaning products. Why is it important that we not throw chemicals into the regular trash


  1. Visit some houses in Recycle City. Make a list of 4 hazardous (dangerous) wastes      that can be found in those houses.

______________ ______________ _______________ ______________

4. Look around Recycle City and write down 2 tips you can use to reduce pollution and waste that come from cars.

________________________________ ______________________________________

5. Identify 2 recycling activities that Recycle City students use to help raise money for class projects.

_____________________________________ ______________________________

6. Name 4 car parts that can be re-used rather than thrown away.

____________ __________________ ________________ __________

7. Find at 3 places in Recycle City where books are resold or reused.

__________________________ __________________ ___________________

8. Name 3 places in Recycle City can you find used tires.  

Look carefully.

__________________ _____________________ _____________________
9. Look at some businesses in Recycle city. List 2 things businesses can do to reduce the amount of waste.  

_______________________________ __________________________________

10. What are compost bins?  ____________________________________________

Name two places in recycle city where you can find a compost bin?

 __________________________________    ______________________________________________

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